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"Virtual clips" for Drum Rack

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:21 pm
by JuSchu
Right now when you expand a track with a drum rack the area where clips would be is empty. That area could be filled with virtual clips.
These virtual clips will have the combined benefits of using just one track for your drums and using individual tracks for Kick, Snare, Hats, etc.
  • Those clips are created when you create a normal clip in the MIDI track (called main clip from now on) but not before that chain actually has some notes in the main clip.
  • You can manually create a virtual clip by double clicking just like you would do with a main clip. But when you leave the midi editor without entering notes or after deleting all the existing notes the virtual clips gets automatically deleted.
  • Those virtual clips only show the notes of their chain or chain group. Just like if the Drum Rack wouldn't have any other pads filled with devices.
  • You can edit the notes in those clips the same way you can edit notes in a main clip. I think it would be possible to give virtual midi clips an individual clip length, but it will probably make it too complex. So when you change the length in the virtual clip you actually change the length of the main clip.
  • When you copy a virtual clip to another scene a new main clip in the MIDI track will be created in that scene which only contains the notes from the virtual clip you copied. If there already is a main clip in that scene the notes of the virtual clip replace the notes in the virtual clip in that scene. So it's just like dropping one main clip over another one. If you move and not copy a virtual clip the notes in the originating scene are removed.
  • You can individually stop virtual clips. In that case the whole row in the main clip has a red overlay to show that these notes are not being played.
  • When you start a previously stopped virtual clip again that is in the same scene of the playing main clip it first waits for the global/clip quantization grid and then starts playing at the position where the main clip is at that point.
  • When you start a virtual clip that is NOT in the same scene of the playing main clip it first waits for the global/clip quantization grid and then starts playing where it normally would. In that case, there are actually two main clips playing at once in the MIDI track (yes, that's weird). When you select those main clips the rows that are either not playing or are playing in another scene the rows have this red overlay. In the area where you would see the cake chart for the clip status, only those numbers/graphics are shown that are the same for all playing main clips.
  • If you start a virtual clip while no main clip in that track is playing the main clip will be triggered but the rows of the virtual clips that were not triggered won't start and will get this red overlay.

Re: "Virtual clips" for Drum Rack

Posted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 1:25 pm
by chapelier fou
Awesome suggestion.