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Live 10 future additions

Post by Tekhed66 » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:01 am

Dear Ableton

Can you please consider adding more detail in the output meter of the Master channel? ... I know that you can expand the size of the meter in session view and this then gives you dB but you can't do that in arrangement view ... you're working blind to a large extent.

A dedicated UV display would also be great... you already have one for Spectrum so why not UV?

And before I forget, can you please add a function where you can select a section of a waveform (in BOTH session or arrangement view) and be able to fade to zero dB (or fade up from zero dB) ... free software like Audacity have this function... why not Live?

In fact, Audacity has heaps of editing capabilities not present in Live (PaulStretch comes to mind immediately)... any chance of adding to Live's editing capabilities too?

Phew... that's all 8-)

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