1st DAW to?"Limited KeyBinding".yr8000#AudioLightspeed

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1st DAW to?"Limited KeyBinding".yr8000#AudioLightspeed

Post by ChiefG » Sun Sep 30, 2018 8:43 am

guess ill hibernate until yr8000 when a daw allows some form of permanent-based keybinding capabilities :oops:

HI there. I' simply am a 95% satisfied customer, a long-time ableton defender - who desires& politely demands audience and respected consideration of the below - 'pent up/yet appropriate, yet mild spew of what I feel are greatly unrepresented and overlooked efficiency utilizations of all daws, ableton including - #CHANGE.

Ill tell you something Mr. Ableton, if a menu optimizing customizable key-binding - for basic actions/selections-kinda stuff, was to be added via next update, or any update within the quadcentrium...I would , boy oh boy, be *ing bricks in amazement and awe. I toss and turn every night by the "Inception w/Leonardo DiCaprio" type- intensity dream-states that are simply traumatizing reminders of the "why is this still not a thing".
It is rampantly absent phenomena that almost all design/editor/application softwares - not just you fellas...Correct me if I am wrong but I imagine it can't be such an "asdhajsdhakjs?" sort of concept, or an "Einstein/potatoes = MC2(squared)" type of scenario. I'm no programmer but almost every Video game sure makes it seem like cheese cake easy.
-(no offensee) #Ilovableton
here is another.

#Ableton.theDAW.that.discovered.LIGHTSPEED - 'Just think about.

!!!FAIL!! - ewww now imagine if Fls or logic did this first. You'd be like 'that one person with clothes hanging out of their suitcase who arrives to their departing flight 5 minutes after the plane made airspace.

if that is too hard to wrap around the program or considering it could..maybe....potentially create a cluster* through the different menus,Aunits, ploogins etc.. try leaving maybe just One key. 1. UNO. ONE singular keyboard key. #1 , uno key available with ...one ...simple function - 1.alternatively functions as a left click. // An alternative to Left click, #carpaltunnel

Also another INCREDIBLE idea, easily applicable too... from urs truly. - If all of the following mentioned above is for whatever reason unable to implement..at least- for my sake & the other 1.35 billion underrepresented victims of pointer-finger abuse & decimation from arrangement grid passes (grid yoyo-ing), clip shifting, intractable buttons that are small and hard to click on sometimes(blessing in disguise because able-ton interface is perfect), and others....
- add a simple co-functional button for the mouses' leftclick that would serve as an alternative option for all the single/incremental clicking actions , not requiring mouse-holding / toggle functionalities . #Relieving.pointer.finger.abuse

Also what would be not as amazing as the other two incorporations above but still viable- ^providing a toggle for keys1-9(num1-9) of your "typing" keyboard allowing the 10% incremental values for each key relating toward its paralleled fader/knob representation. ableton fader/knobs' - toggle of course to that

yours truely,


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