Save audio settings as part of project data

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Save audio settings as part of project data

Post by dr_yolo » Mon Oct 01, 2018 2:09 pm

Been thinking about this a bit recently and realised that it would be VERY useful, for me at least, to be able to save audio settings on a project level.

By audio settings I mean the stuff accessible via the Preferences / Audio, for example Sample Rate.

2 reasons this would be useful:
- first that a lot of native Ableton features have very strong interactions with the sample rate. I know that with ableton's EQ you can select "oversampling" mode to work around this interaction. However there are other effects as well, such as Reverb, the character of which is totally changed in some situations by changing the sample rate, and there is no oversample mode.

- the second reason, and I realise that this almost certainly not using ableton in its intended way, but I have done quite a few projects recently using the soundcards latency to create delay effects, for example by having a hardware reverb pedal on an external send, and feeding some of the signal back through it to create a feedback loop. In this situation the delay time is ~ the same as the audio latency, which is also (obviously) impacted heavily by the sample rate & buffer size. Would be really useful for me to be able to save these aspects of a project.

Interested to hear other peoples opinions on this. Could be that its incredibly difficult to implement for some reason so will never happen, but ya never knoww!
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