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Feature request: Auto grouping drum rack pads based on color

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 4:30 pm
by C_F_3
It's great that we finally got groups within groups, but there's nothing to help you make groups on the Push 2.

It would be awesome to have some sort of auto grouping mechanism that would group drum rack pads based on their color. If I set up a drum rack and change all the cymbals to the same color, it would be cool to have an auto group function that could smartly make that into one group for me. Basically anything would be better than nothing.

Another option, or "fix" would be that if I copy a drum rack pad that's already in a group, that new pad needs to also be in the group. Currently if you copy a drum rack pad that's in a group you still have to manually step back and put it in the group.

I love groups but currently it's the only operation that sends me back to a mouse and keyboard over and over again while creating and using drum racks.