Update Racks/Macros for better Push Integration

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Update Racks/Macros for better Push Integration

Post by chatzi » Thu Nov 29, 2018 9:04 am

Update the Rack/Macro system to fit with the Push workflow in the same way that certain stock devices do.
(e.g. Operator, Wavetable, Auto Filter...)

This could be done by adding tabs to Racks. (maximum of 8?)
With each tab containing a set of 8 macros.

Polymorphic Macros
To go a step further, the macros could be polymorphic.
Either a knob, a switch/radio button, selector...

The configuration would be in an updated version of the Mapping section:
The section would contain a list of tabs, each containing a list of macros.
Each macro could have a drop-down to the right containing the possible forms of the macro.
Each macro contains a list of all of the mapped parameters.

Navigating this organization is the same as the default Live navigation (e.g. Audio Effects -> List of effects -> List of Presets).
Though it looks like the proposed system has an added level of abstraction.

A basic synth plug-in would reside in an Instrument Rack with Osc, Filter, Env, Mod Matrix... tabs each containing the related mapped controls.
This would allow the user to integrate most plug-ins into the Push workflow as naturally as the previously mentioned stock devices.
This would work for any plug-in that has parameters accessible to Live.
It also allows the user to inject Live's modulators (Shaper, LFO...), as well as Audio/MIDI effects...

The same principle also applies to Audio Effect Racks.
Drum Racks are already well integrated but the updated macro section could still work in this way.

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