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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:07 pm
by tl81

Could we have additional option for MIDI Inputs included?
feature similar to CUBASE, could we have "in MIDI ALL INPUTS" and "VISIBLE" equivalent.

This means, additional tick box in AUDIO / MIDI preferences that would allow following:

MIDI input 1 [i.e.: push] - activated Midi In "TRACK" is ON (optionally "in MIDI ALL INPUTS" ON and "VISIBLE" - ON)
MIDI input 2 [i.e.: Midi Keyboard] Midi In "TRACK" is ON (optionally "in MIDI ALL INPUTS" ON and "VISIBLE" - ON)
MIDI input 3 [i.e.: Arturia Beatstep Pro] Midi In "TRACK" is ON (optionally "in MIDI ALL INPUTS" OFF and "VISIBLE" - ON)

so - let's say:
1. I create new MIDI track 1 and select ALL MIDI INPUTS, arm track Drum Rack instrument
2. I create another MIDI track 2. "ALL INPUTS" is an input - and I route the midi out to a piano plugin
I can now use Push or midi
3. I create midi track 3 - route MIDI INPUT 3 - beat step Pro as input - arm channel, create sequence.

So far so good !

Now, as track progresses, I would like to create additional MIDI channel and try out a bass-line - so I add bass plugin, arm it... and...

By default ALL MIDI inputs is selected, which is great - I can try tapping melody with push or keyboard.
Great ! I disarm other channels and press play... and now I have an issue. It may seem tedious for some, but it's really annoying for me...
Beatstep Pro is playing a sequence... I know, I can stop it or just change input. I could also disable the TRACK ON option in AUDIO / MIDI settings - but then BEATSTEP WILL DISAPPEAR form available inputs of any track...

I use exclusively Beatstep for quick arpeggio like sequences... I don't need it as midi input device that allows me to tap melody or beats... But changing MIDI TRACK option to OFF would make Beatstep completely disappear from inputs... so now I have to slow down my work-flow and work around it...
If we had option to "include in ALL MIDI INPUTS" - it would be so much quicker and easier to manage inputs!
I come from Cubase Background and switched to Live as it's I feel like my creative flow improved and speed of making tracks improved.
Yet, this is annoying thing that would be amazing if addressed. Can we have this added to next release of Live?

I am sure there are more users like me, who would love to be able to simply enable the option for certain external MIDI gear and just enjoy even better workflow of Live...

PS: if it can be done and I am missing something, please let me know.



Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:47 pm
by chapelier fou
What's the problem with selecting "All Ins" as MIDI input ?