Copy function Session2Arrangement view and back

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Copy function Session2Arrangement view and back

Post by Amaros » Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:03 pm


I am using Ableton live on stage for running backing tracks, automating slides in ProPresenter and a lot more.
My normal workflow is to start with a song in Arrangement View, Consolidate all files and then copy the MIDI automation tracks and audio files to my Session View file. That's ok, but sometimes I have to make edits after that. So I have to go back to my Arrangement View original file, edit it, consolidate it and then import it again into my Session View file. Not to mention that I have to get rid of the old data first, so I don't carry any unused files with me.

Here's my feature wish:

I would like to have a Copy feature to automatically copy the selected clips in a scene to Arrangement View when hitting the TAB key, so I can make the edits. After that the edited files should be put back into their place when I hit TAB again and change over to Session View. This would be a killer feature and make my life a lot easier.

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