Device presets as clip

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Device presets as clip

Post by rowe2000 » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:51 pm

I think dropping a device preset as a clip would be very nice! :)

Like this...
# 1. Let's grab a preset and drop it as a clip.
# 2. Then when launching the clip, the preset and its device is activated at the track.

So when I launch my scene, all presets in clips for that scene is activated in their respective tracks.
And I also need to be able to do key split/layering so clipping Instrument racks presets also would be really nice! :D
Check the pic/link below.. ... g.png?dl=0

I've tried Instruments Rack with Chain Selector but then all presets for the whole setlist is preloaded...

Anyone who already have solved this...?
I will be happy to share if someone like to develop a mindset about it...

I aim to use Ableton Live as the host for my VSTi's to play live with my band.
It is 100+ songs and about 100 presets of different VSTi's.
In the next step i'm curious to try out vocal effects trough Live! :D

Regards Robert

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Re: Device presets as clip

Post by doghouse » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:37 pm

In each MIDI clip you can already select a program change to be sent to the instrument. This of course, only works with instruments that respond to MIDI program changes.

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Re: Device presets as clip

Post by rowe2000 » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:05 pm

Yes it would be possible but still little complex to setup..

I've check some of my do VSTi's respond to PC.
Except for all VST3 plugs that do not respond to PC, (someone says they can't due to the VST3 spec)

Arturia Pigments = yes,
Other Arturia= can't get it working even thou some say it would
Pianoteq = yes after setting up rules about PC inside Pianoteq.
VB3-II = yes after enabling
Kontakt = "google" says yes but I cant get it working in my libs
Roland plugins = nope, except for Sound Canvas that works out of the box
OP-X II PRO = no but it can be set up to listen for CC to change preset

Then I need at least one track for each of my VSTi's (several of some for layering)
And then I need to use envelopes for setting key splits to be saved in the clips right?
A little tricky to deal with for splitting..

If for some reason the plugin do not receive the PC becuse it is busy, Live will consider that PC already active and wouln't send it if I hit the clip once more.
I then need to hit an other clip with another PC and then go back and hit the first clip.

Except for that I need to keep in mind of the PC values to make it easy to use.

I think I would rather not use this as live performace setup.
Compare that to dropping presets as a clip! :D

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