modular style layout

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modular style layout

Post by [art] » Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:56 am

i've been thinking about getting into modular lately, it really is all the buzz, but i've always been primarily a digital guy. cost prohibitive i'll probably just end up sticking with VCV, and after mucking around in that program today I came back to Live and instantly created much more interesting content using but a few midi devices...

which really just made me think, for Live to compete a little bit in this renewed modular interest thats going on, it'd be nice to see a kind of 'multi track device chain' layout mode...

currently you only see one tracks device chain... why not just have all tracks device chains scrollable up and down the screen? not sure if thats a cpu issue or not, but with things like lfo's and what not, it'd be super nice to see and a way to create interoperable or 'modular' interaction across tracks, without loading a single audio or midi file to the clip or arrangement view... a 'device jam' if you will

or maybe a single tracks devices could simply be displayed across the whole screen racks style, as opposed to left to right in the lower third as has been the case with Live since basically the beginning. this idea really opens up a whole can of worms really, there is heirachy built into each Live track, ie Instrument device followed by effects, preceded by midi effects etc... what if this was default, but these were also patchable ? no need to go big from the outset though... just a track by track full screen display of every tracks device view would be cool, augmentations from there as the years go by

all the building blocks are there... i'm thinking ala reaktor blocks also...

be cool if Ableton responded to the modern audio culture with something of this nature

i know there are plugins and max and things... talking more vanilla Live

cheers, oh and p.s. - dig the forum update :)

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