Bending Notes / Slide / Glide

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Bending Notes / Slide / Glide

Post by yesNiko » Mon Apr 22, 2019 8:01 am

Note slides are a pain in the ass, point-blank.

We got three options to do it:

1. Simpler: Glide time
2. Sampler: Pitch bend
3. Flatten the track and automate transposition modulation.

With simpler, we can calculate our timings to get 1/2 | 1/4 etc. note slides, really time consuming
With sampler, we can only bend octaves cause who can associate a third note with values like 4201?
Sure we could set the max bend to +3 sem. and always automate to max, but honestly
who would enjoy such workflow if you have patterns with multiple different bends?
And last but not least, transposition modulation does not always deliver professional sounding bends on a printed track.

It gets even worse if we want to switch between portamento and glide within a pattern.. in that case we need two automations for
one simple task.

I searched for solutions but only found a bunch of akward videos, where the message gets delivered silently..

I must admit, Im not a fan of FL Studio - but I watched some tutorials as reference how Image Line is solving this problem.
And I want their kind of solution to strengthen up Abletons piano roll!

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