[max for live] observe specific time events from simpler, sampler, beat repeat & more ...

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[max for live] observe specific time events from simpler, sampler, beat repeat & more ...

Post by julienb » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:17 pm

hi there,
I know a lot of people are requesting some features related to max for live and related to getting feedback from specific devices.

I'm particularly interested in getting information from :
- loop retriggering (loop end point reached) in sampler, simpler
- beat-repeat triggering (when beat repeat is trigger and repeating, getting a trigger at each repetition)


A workaround, for sampler, simpler, could be to get a specific loop length related to transport quantization and checking when the position in playing match the end of the loop etc. but what if we want to be more creative and use random loop points and if we want getting the eand of loop as well, for instance ? No proper way. Of course, I built a sampler (using buffer~ and loop control etc) in m4l, but I'd prefer to use the native sampler or simpler and just observing (and using) feedback from them for many other things (for instance at each end of loop, I could trigger ... a new random loop length change and make the m4l device controlling the sampler etc etc...à

Same for beat repeat. Almost 4 years ago, I requested that but I still may be alone to want this :?
I'm using very accurate and precise timing sync with my visuals.
When the beat repeat is triggered (by chance) and when I have this very nice audio disruption when it is accelerating, for instance, getting a bang from a properly set up observer would just drives my visuals crazy and very well reflecting what I can hear with the sound. Now, I have to workaround this by analyzing specific transient (to detect when the audio is chopped and when the beat repeat is repeating but that's so so less effective especially when the device itself display that as the led blinking on repetition... getting this information out of the device to max could just be very useful.

Please Ableton, hear this :-)

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