Various improvements

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Various improvements

Post by baseinstinct » Wed Sep 04, 2019 11:18 pm

1. Group track could contain clips and enable recording automation of its effects. On second thought, midi notes could be recorded, too - if only for some of the effects which take notes as cc.
2. Auto colouring could use shading for some variety.
3. Upon clicking on an audio a clip, it could be possible to enter its volume.
4. The waveform height of clip audio should be normalised in the background behind the foreground waveform reflecting the actual volume. This would help when working with quiet material without making the clip louder just to see where the transients are.
5. Couldn't push and launchpad button colours be more realistic? Especially launchpad pro, whose demo shows myriads of colours, end up with crap colours for clips.

Live keeps rocking. It is a truly amazing DAW.

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