Audio Transformation and Auto Fades

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Audio Transformation and Auto Fades

Post by Loopscious » Tue Dec 24, 2019 2:15 pm

This is something I've been doing lately which is very tedious but has thus far produced the best results vs. other techniques.

I will write a sub bass in a VST (operator, serum, whatever). Then bounce to Audio. Typically the audio may have tails for whatever reasons, so I proceed to isolate the notes by slicing out / deleting all the space in between what were the midi notes. Then I use a utility to apply small volume fades into and out of each isolated audio slice.

What would be cool is if, within Ableton, you could do computations between tracks such as take a midi track, invert the notes, then delete those areas from an audio file. Or some mechanism to auto keep just where the midi events are and silence the rest or slice the rest. And then if you could auto apply volume fades --- sort of like what happens when you drop individual clips in, but be more purposeful --- even right clicking on something with "apply fades" as an option would be dope.

One my reason why this would be personally useful is I have wrist and arm problems and doing this repetitive task exacerbates the problem.

In summary:
- Track computations, where you can do mathematics / edits on two tracks (source vs. destination)
- Smart fades or some rule based fades where you designate thresholds etc.

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