Ableton, It's time....

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Ableton, It's time....

Post by Bulemy » Fri May 15, 2020 5:49 pm

Guys, here i create a topic

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dedicated to things that should be in the flagship DAW worth more than $ 700 (no discount). Well, the truth is, Ableton is a competitor to the most powerful DAWs, and you want to have the corresponding functionality.
L.Px 10.5 was released recently, it was a powerful update, and now it is certainly an extremely strong competitor for its $ 199.

Here is what was supposed to be yesterday:
Editing and audio waveforms. You should be able to simply "Draw" a sound wave directly on the track or in the audio editor, as implemented other DAW's. This function makes it possible to “Smooth” the signal, to avoid “Clicks”. Very useful and very easy to implement. Sad that this simple function there is not in one of the most popular DAW in the world (ableton). These are absolutely basic aspect of working with audio.

(next i will distort the names of other daw to avoid problems)

lynier and dynamic option of EQ8 (Must have)

Comping, guys, 2020 year. We need it in 10.2

Pitch correction (has even daw which costs 200$, (logi), (cub) and even

MULTIBAND FX'er (Like in BWS, You can create it in ableton, but it should be native)

A native LFO tool. And a much more flexible one than the M4L one that comes with Live Suite. (and indeed it would be useful to add another plugins)

Group freeze (would be nice, but not critical)

map SOLO button in chain.

And this is only a small part of those things that need to be done. Ableton has room to grow, and there are things that Ableton programmers need to work on.

Ableton has always been proud of excellent functionality right out of the box, so why should I pay over $ 700 for melodyne for pitch correction when other daws offers this functionality for 200?
Please, read reviews of people who think the same.(some on the links I provided). The release of the things I said about in no way will make ableton worse. I really hope that all this will appear in Ableton, and 10.2 will bring at least some of these things. I want to see ableton as an absolutely universal and completely standalone software for any type of audio work without need in third-party software, that some other DAWs can already offer us today.

Guys, I adore Ableton live, I will have great motivation to switch to Suite, and not to purchase third-party software if the company can offer everything that we need. I hope ableton know how to do this. But In the meantime it is impossible to deny the obvious facts and you need to ask about those functions that should be. Need to write to ableton developers with ideas, to the support team and wherever possible to speed up the development process.

Thank you very much for your attention!
And sorry guys for English, people from all over the world use ableton:)

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Re: Ableton, It's time....

Post by docbot » Sun May 17, 2020 7:22 pm

I suspect they're working on a Push 3 with MPE that is supposed to launch with the next version of Ableton (featuring MPE support) and that's why it's been so long since there has been a update, can't really think of another reason.

I agree, considering the price, they really need to step up their game.

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