Push: Navigate to group track when selecting

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Push: Navigate to group track when selecting

Post by maxhoffmann » Fri May 22, 2020 8:31 am

Hey there,

My live set is structured to have 8 grouped tracks of different instrument groups, so that I can see them all at once on my Push 2.


Inside the drums track for example are multiple drum elements like snares, hi-hats etc. Navigating these groups with my Push is too slow when playing live.

Currently I need to
  1. select group track to open it
  2. press the arrow keys multiple times to move the view to see all of its tracks
  3. trigger a clip/select a channel or whatever I want to do in that group
  4. press the group track again to close it
  5. press the arrow keys multiple times to move the view back with the arrow keys to see all 8 group tracks
💡 I wish there was a setting on Push to make the selected track the left-most when selecting.

If there was, I could
  1. press select track to open the group and make the left most
  2. immediately see all 7 tracks inside and do what I want to do
  3. press button to close the group again, restoring the previous position
This feature would enable to easily switch between an overview of all main tracks and grouped tracks with different instruments.

I was hoping I could get something similar with midi mapping, but unfortunately there is also no way to toggle a single or all groups via midi. 😢

Thanks for reading!

If there are already ways to achieve this please let me know. Or maybe there are better features to get to the same result. 🙂

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