Features I'm dying for !!!!

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Edward S Here
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Features I'm dying for !!!!

Post by Edward S Here » Fri May 22, 2020 9:49 am


Live is dope. You guys rock.

Still, a few things are driving me craaaaazy :

- Search : should default to all results and then we can select a specific subsection if we want. Does Google ask you to say what industry sector you're interested in before you can type a search ? Obviously not, it's bad UX. 90% of the time when using search you'll want something from a different section than the one you're in. So f...ing frustrating each time, totally takes you out of the flow.

- Cloud sync : many people use multiple machines, it's hell to keep Live in sync between them. At the very least internal Live stuff : preferences, collection names, default set / default midi clip / default audio clip, ... Come on guys, it's 2020!!! Even Microsoft has sync ;)

- Collections : please can we have more than 7 !!!! It's such an abitrary thing and far too little. Let us have as many as we can and pick our own colors?

- Automatically assign track name and color to all clips in both views : as an option (I know some people don't work like that) it would be amazing to have that taken care of automatically rather than constantly cleaning up manually to keep things tidy (I know about the dropdown option but it applies only to color and doesn't apply automatically afterwards)

- Conversely, an option to not automatically use track name to name clips, as it usually ends up making the interface really messy (leave them blank instead).

- I have been totally unable to find a midi control to move left and right between tracks in session view... Doesn't exist ? If not, why ?

- For some reason the delete key on the keyboard is disabled when holding shift. Really annoying when typing in uppercase.

- Please add double click a track or scene name to rename it : this is standard behaviour on mac and super a timesaver again.

- Or more generally, a simple way to customize keyboard or mouse shortcuts for everything : hava a look at IntelliJ their keymap system is incredible. (BTW, a cool tip if someone's reading this : using keyboard preferences > shortcuts in system menu on a Mac you can remap any shortcut globally or for a specific program - but you have to use a modifier key cmd / alt / ctrl, can't map single key shortcuts even inside a single app unfortunately)

- Being able to midi map the midi map button !!! Seriously, who wants to use a combination of keys when we can set a controller button for that...

- Forward, backward buttons in browser : you often have to go back and forth between folders...

- Last but not least : Sample key analysis !!! Browsing samples by key is a core feature of every single sample bank, it's really frustrating that it can't be done in Live. Ideally, you'd make the browser extensible by developers so people could build extensions...

I know these are details, but repeated over and over they are such time wasters and more importantly, they take you out of the flow of making music...

Thanks so much !!!!

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