Detune/Transpose Automation over Audio

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Detune/Transpose Automation over Audio

Post by Szonine » Tue May 26, 2020 10:54 pm

Hey there,

The Detune/Transpose Automation over Audio feature would allow users to detune clips in real-time, as well as experiment with parameters in order to achieve distinct sounds. This feature has been asked upon for over a decade: viewtopic.php?t=103890

This is a super simple feature that may also allow midi mapping utilization. Keep in mind that detune and transpose are already set up for midi mapping, too. I may not be an audio engineer, but I could imagine this feature being an extremely simple side addition that may not be as costly time/effort-wise on the side of the Ableton team.

I sympathize with the Ableton team if this feature is not a possibility and out of their way to include; however, the current alternative is to throw an audio track on a simpler, which significantly cuts on the playback quality. I believe that this additive will not only make more sense in terms of user productivity and efficiency but stay true to the product in mind by holding no compromises in regards to audio quality.


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