Audio Container / Detail Editor

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Audio Container / Detail Editor

Post by djfriendzone » Sat Jul 04, 2020 9:04 pm

One feature that would be really cool would be the ability to create audio “containers” or groups in audio tracks that contain multiple audio clips. That way, things in the playlist can be organized a bit easier and aligning things for live performance would also be improved.

Cubase has a similar implementation called group or folder tracks. And Bitwig has a detail editor that allows audio tracks to contain “containers” of audio clips (see picture)

One of the benefits of this approach is allowing unwarped reversed samples to be able to occur when we want them when in session view. For instance, say I have a riser or transition that I want to end at the end of 8 bars. With this implantation, I could create an 8 bar audio “container”, and simply drag in the shorter sample in so it’s end aligns with the end of the container. Now, when triggered in session view, it will occur right when I want it to.

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Re: Audio Container / Detail Editor

Post by oxygen23 » Sun Jul 12, 2020 10:50 am

This one alone would make me switch back to Live.
After working with Bitwig for a month I find this ability to pack audio regions/clips into container and loop them in arrangement so easy and convenient way to work with regions/containers.
Cubase, Logic and Studio One also has this feature and it's way more powerful way to organize your clips and move and copy them around and experiment with edits.

While speaking about this topic, I would also like to see group track's regions, too, so it's easier to move, trim and edit group (folder like) regions Bitwig/Cubase/Studio One way. In this regards, Cubase has additional ability to easily trim folder regions (like standard regions) while other DAWs can't (you can only select and copy/delete/duplicate).

Ableton team, please consider this or just try Bitwig and see it for yourself how easy and convenient is to edit audio in detail editor and pack all edits into single container region vs editing directly on arrangement without ability to pack them.

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