Different Arrangements in one Project

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Different Arrangements in one Project

Post by ricochet50 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:03 pm

Hi there,

i know that this feature request has been brought up already by several users.
I can only repeat that this enhancement of Ableton would be a huge step forward, where i can see it in those 2 areas:
  • There can be different arrangements in one project, separated in e.g. a tab based behaviour, i.e. switching between the defined arrangements works instantly
  • Inside one arrangement there's the possibility to have different versions of each track, where the user defines which version is active, but it's possible to quickly create/clone an existing track version and define such a new version as the new active one
The big advantage with both of these enhancements would be that a user has everything available in one project, but still neatly separated in the defined arrangement tabs and/or track versions. Switching between different projects is time consuming if there are a lot of tracks and/or these tracks have lots of external plugins to be loaded.

Some guys have proposed to just store the different versions on distinct positions in the project's timeline. This would of course work but it also mangles your versions together in that one arrangement. And at some point of time you still have create new projects for those parts that you want to keep and create a song of it. If you would think of the arrangement tabs as remixes of a song then you see the big advantage of the separation idea: Everything is clearly separated from each other and can easily be used as a different/remixed version of the original arrangement, where copying parts between arrangement tabs and/or track versions would also be no problem.

It would be interesting if an Ableton representative could say something about how realistic such an idea is to be found in a future Live version.

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Re: Different Arrangements in one Project

Post by aklisiewicz » Tue Jul 21, 2020 2:30 am

I would add to this a simple feature to SAVE current workspace. Another words to have a several workspace arrangements and be able to switch among them by clicking a workspace Nr. This is common for many software. I find myself graging windows up and down and left and right enlessly and this is time consuming and very annoying. This shouln't be really to hard to implement.
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