Improving performance feedback: New Status Bar

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Improving performance feedback: New Status Bar

Post by IMage_Engine » Sun Aug 30, 2020 10:45 pm

Hi All
One of the things that I find most useful about Live is the status bar...sooo helpful especially for new users and errors.
One of the things that I find most frustrating...the under use and under appreciation of basic UI/UX concepts relating to the status bar.

Firstly, so you understand Im not just ranting...I did eg Masters in digital media at uni, couple of high end CD rom interactives back in the day etc and have been a long time live user of Live (2005). Im currently doing UI/UX engineering and remote scripts for a hardware manufacturer atm and realised that this basic abstract of understanding is fragmented, at best, unless Im missing something


One thing that makes a ui nice is a centralised information device related to operation ie just like the status bar. Its a fundamental.
When using eg deep controllers, (I have a number of them or have tried and send back a couple;) you can't really have too much feedback and despite being mouse free, I find the eye contact with Live does not diminish greatly. Its a bit like having a keyboard but adding a screen to it...its redundant and psychology of left/right brain and muscle memory is largely ignored. The constant of the focus on the screen/application remains so rather than fragment focus, it would be super cool to;

1. Have the status bar available with as an optionally larger ui elements to give developers a much more graphic and verbose feedback mechanism.

2. So you are probably thinking...create an M4L device? I did but creating the device only reintroduces the same element/song vs global level mechanism with all the m4l issues eg its like remote scripts vs midi mapping. You dont want to have to load and customise each song with a device etc. It should have its information origin coming from the directives of the remote midi script. It MUST be a global element and it must be constant with constant feedback mechanisms. Be able to use icon elements etc not just text. It needs all these things to lift the bar, pardon the pun.

3. Create the feedback device to be able to populate the detail view as an alternate mode so no extra UI overhead is needed, ie toggle/detail/clip/device/Feedback.

4. Allow user options to eg flash the view whilst training the muscle memory vs hold for new users etc

Hope that makes sense


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