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use deep learning to be competitive in the attention economy

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2020 8:36 pm
by cfr
I'm just not opening Ableton lately after work. Youtube is getting so good at exploiting my interests and that small window between having enough energy to start something creative and too tired to try is getting missed. Later in the night im scrolling through KVR news like an addict trying to find a little update or new product dopamine hit to jump start a little creativity that is just not realistically going to happen. I have so many VST's I'm pretty sure I can turn any shitty binaural field recording of a buzzing fridge into any vintage synth Ive never actually heard in real life, but it just doesn't translate into any creative work getting done. That doesn't stop me from scrolling through plugin boutique every day. I'm really hoping there will be a new "kill your tv" movement of the netflix generation that is all about fucking up any algorithms that are exploiting you to make online life less interesting, so people can actually be bored enough to make some decent art. I'm a decently disciplined human, but I think its getting harder and harder to a point that could be unmanageable. where are the punk rocker techno hackers of this age. maybe I'm just older and jaded, but there used to be a mysterious underground aesthetic and a kind of hope to what electronic music would become. I still feel like a 10,000 kyma system will solve that somehow, even though its probably something I could recreate if I just focus and do some more max tutorials. which kind of gets me to this deep learning thing. If abletons main goal is to have people use more ableton, then why dont they get in on the attention economy in a way that just makes me want to open ableton all the fucking time? why am I just not thinking of making music all the time? I dont want to think about trump, i dont want to think about BLM or corona virus or fucking cobra kai. electronic music is many things. field recording, sound design, dsp programming, instrument design, music theory, and composition are probably all the things I get into when i "make music". when someone asks what I do when i say i make music, its like "uuhhh, welll last night i took a recording of a fridge and analyzed it so I could make an additive synth patch that sounded like a fridge but wasnt a fridge, and then i made a 20 minute recording wherein I envisioned a future where refrigerator compressor designers actually designed the sound of the compressors so that when it turns on you feel warm and cozy rather than cold and desperate."
"oh so, like, you dj or something?"
I'd like a daw that breaks up sound design and composition and live performance in a meaningful way so that one doesn't distract the other. if i have a musical idea i need things to be quick and good enough sounding, and then later i need to make some tea and spend a day replacing sounds and tweaking hidden parameters on pull down menus or whatever, and then if i want to have a solid live set i want the whole display to be instrument like. i still cant tell when a clip is coming towards the end just by glancing at the grid. its awful. anyway, that's my feature request. time for a burrito