ableton to point to the "ancestor" audio file

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ableton to point to the "ancestor" audio file

Post by baseinstinct » Fri Sep 25, 2020 2:39 pm

I wonder if this is possible at all.

In right click menu upon clicking on a clip for ableton to show in browser the audio file (if there was one) which fed sound to the recording of the current audio clip.
So if you loopered something into audio, and then kept adding more effects and loopered it or recorded to a separate track, ableton could store information of the "ancestor" file, so that in case you later want to move one step back, you know what file to revert to.
Useful for those, who like myself don't bother naming or coloring audio files.

If that was more audios mixed, or a synth or sampler, could be done, too, but maybe not in ableton 11 ;)

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