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Shift-Clicking Multiple Effect Knobs For More Control

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 10:31 pm
by JFG

I was wondering if we can have this simple feature: Shift clicking multiple effect knobs to control more than one parameter at once.

For those who have midi control surfaces, this is a non issue.
But, I really think adding this simple feature will do wonders for the software and what's possible performing 'Live'. Pun intended.
How I currently have things set up is, I have macro's controlling my auto-filter, Delay, Reverb, Low and Mid EQ.
As a minimalist, I just wish I could simply use a mouse to effect more than one parameter.

It could be that I'm missing something, and its just me being ignorant. Maybe this feature is already available?
I know you can change the track faders all at once. But, not effect parameters with a mouse.

My workaround right now is, I'm using another macro and chain to replace multiple instances. Its not very effective, and leads to a lot of mistakes.
Still, I love Live, and I can't imagine using any other DAW.

Please keep me updated if this is a coming feature. Would be much appreciated.