Wish: Dynamic pitching...

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Wish: Dynamic pitching...

Post by PPGWave » Wed Feb 20, 2002 4:01 pm

I was thinking that Live is sooo great for loops, but really has little for letting you compose your own melodies. If there was a way to combine Trigger Mode with a variable Pitch, you could easily whip up a bassline or string lead with just Wavs.

Sort of a "Pitched Trigger Mode?"


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Post by SongCarver » Thu Feb 21, 2002 1:07 am

yes, live is just scratching the surface of what live electronic music could be....samlping melodies of acoustic instruments and then altering the pitch and sequence of notes in real time as a jammin counterpoint.

i spose you really need melodyne by celemony to kik that. But I dont think melodyne is really set up for performance although it can do amazing things real time(and amazing things to your bank balance)

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