Better zooming

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Better zooming

Post by Maxim » Tue Feb 26, 2002 9:27 am

I've read a post here about the faulty zooming. There should definitely be done something about that. At least keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and zooming out. Becuase this mouse-zooming functionality with different behaviour for its x and y movement gives me the creeps sometimes. :-)


Post by martin » Tue Feb 26, 2002 5:31 pm

or like samplitude does it, where you can define zoom presets which then can quickly be recalled with buttons or via keyboard.

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Post by btester » Wed Feb 27, 2002 4:18 am

I've been using Live since August and by now I'm totally used to the zooming peculiarities. In fact, I've been missing Live's zooming style in Logic (which I still use frequently). I'd say it just takes getting used to. Live does a lot of things differently from what most people are used to, but the ideas are not just different, they're good.


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Post by Ischo » Wed Feb 27, 2002 4:01 pm

well that was me, probably apart from others, who wrote about that zoom thing. but for now i must admit, like btester, i really got used to it. and, yes, i even miss this feature in other appz.

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