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Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 4:55 pm
by Nod
quandry wrote: word, I think there should be controller mapping presets on effects and devices. They should bring back the effect and instrument presets onto the devices themselves and add another dropdown arrow to select controller mapping presets...
Your last suggestion is a good 'un mate - throw in MIDI mappable preset changes too! Would make those 'preset junkie' sessions a lot easier when I can't reach the keyboard arrows :D Thought I'd also re-bump this thread again, because regardless of how differently we all use Live, a completely customisable control system applies to everyone. I'm sick of waiting for a piece of hardware that offers total support - it's never going to happen or work perfectly for my needs anyway. It'd be a far better solution to have the software do this, on a per device basis instead, regardless of what hardware the end user has.

Even someone with a simple 4 knob MIDI controller could quickly switch between devices and do a whole bunch of genuinely LIVE parameter mangling - and it'd only take 30 seconds to do this once for each device type whether it was a synth or an effect.

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 9:15 pm
by Lamont
Being able to assign one midi notes/cc message from a hardware midi device to several controllers in Live would be awesome! No more need for third party software which hasn't been helpful for me at all.

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 9:35 pm
by hoffman2k
The more i think about it. The more i get the feeling that loading up new devices will be midi mapable. As in: midi learn operator device select, now you can scroll thru the presets.

The abes gave the excuse that it'll be midi mapable to explain the changes from 4 to 5. The only question is, how will they implement it?
I really doubt that they'll go back to Live 4 style presets.

Personally I would prefer program changes.
I'll roll out my own custom preset banks, so i could care less about mucking about in the browser or dropbox.

The best implementation (imo) is with ABL Pro.
Preset folders are banks. subfolders are subbanks and the presets respond to program changes. All this with minimum amount of cpu load and audio glitches. (the glitch can be customized though)

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 9:50 pm
by quandry
hoffman2k wrote: I really doubt that they'll go back to Live 4 style presets.
That would make me a sad panda. I think it is infinitely more useful on stage to be able to see the preset name on the device--the browser involves looking elsewhere, opening it up, using the mouse, wasting time--lots of peformers don't have the browser open for their sets. Having to use it for presets sucks! I agree, bring on the program changes, but bring back the name of the preset on the device, please! There's room for the name and the pop-up drop-down box doesn't come unless you click--for program change users you'd get to visually verify that you picked the right preset. I mean c'mon Ableton, almost every led screen enable guitar pedal, effect box, keyboard, whatever displays the preset names right on the device--using the browser is a big fat waste of time on stage, exponentially more so the bigger a set gets.

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 10:03 pm
by hoffman2k
quandry wrote:
hoffman2k wrote: I really doubt that they'll go back to Live 4 style presets.
I think it is infinitely more useful on stage to be able to see the preset name on the device-.
Yeah, I dunno if you ever checked out ABL Pro (, but that preset box is the enhanced version of the Live 4 dropbox (which didn't have folders!!!) and would be compatible with the Live 5 browser. So Ableton could have it both ways.

This probably wont mean anything but.... I had ABL pro with me when i went to camp Ableton. I literally showed this to Gerhard and Robert during a meeting and it got recorded...
So i'm almost 100% sure, that they'll probably have a better solution. (if there is any, cause it seems perfect imho)

Could be wrong though. All we can do is guess and assume....
It's time for a teaser, don't you think? ;)

Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 10:19 pm
by quandry
right on! That actually sounds very similar to an idea I posted in several threads here right when 5 came out. I for one was p.o.'ed at the browser presets in 5 vs. previous versions of Live. Some people liked that you could use 5 to better organize a bazillion presets into more managable folders. My idea was to essentially keep this organization and browser presets that 5 has, but then also have the preset name box on the device. The you could drag a preset folder (or a root folder with sub-folders) onto the preset name box on a device. If you just dragged one subfolder onto the preset name on the device, you'd have access to just those presets (and thus not the monster scrolling pop-up window some people complained about). If you dragged the root preset folder for the device from the browser to the device, you could then use it like what you are saying about ABL Pro--root preset folder>sensibly named subfolders>presets inside. And of course, anything midi-mappable with program changes please! Maybe the midi mapping could occur over in the browser area.