Multiple crossfaders

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Multiple crossfaders

Post by jussi.saarelainen » Sun Sep 09, 2007 4:42 pm

Having only one crossfader per song is frustrating.
One way to improve the situation would be to able to add more crossfaders.
Each channel would then still have the crossfade selector, but now instead of having Off/A/B options there would be more options (C/D/E/F/G...) depending on how many crossfaders have been created. Each crossfader (or even better: channel) would have their own curve settings.

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Post by joewes » Wed Sep 19, 2007 4:55 pm

Yeah. And two crossfaders could be combined to be a x-y-crossfader, or three a x-y-z-crossfader (move the dot with the left mouse button and you control x-y, move it with the right mouse button and you control z [in order to see where the dot is in 3D-Space it could use an Elite™ style radar if anybody has a way of knowing what I'm talking about]).

This may sound ironic but I mean it. The x-y-z-fader could replace the x-y ones (like in auto filter) generally and you should be able to make x-y- or x-y-z-faders on your own from a set of macro knobs in racks.


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Re: Multiple crossfaders

Post by claytonsquire » Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:55 pm

Hey all, a friend of mine just figured out how to make as many crossfaders as you want using only native Live devices. Check it out:

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