wish : Elastique Pro algorithm

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Post by Debrecini » Mon Feb 04, 2008 6:24 pm

+ 1 FROM ME!

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Re: wish : Elastique Pro algorithm

Post by dm_hawk » Tue Feb 05, 2008 4:58 am

Angstrom wrote:Live has had the Elastique Efficient time-stretching algorithm for a while now (known as "complex" warp mode) . I think that Live should have 'pro' as it has a number of extra features and benefits.

I mean, if Reaper and FruityLoops can afford to license 'Pro' , surely you guys can do it? It seems a bit weak to have only the 'lite' version of the algo and fall behind the competition here.

As we don't have any offline timestretch in Live we could do with a slightly better 'online' one, especially now many people are getting more capable processors. Of course "efficient" is included in "pro" , so anyone with a lesser CPU wouldn't be discriminated against.

Go on, you know you want to.
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Post by The Producer » Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:44 pm

Cant beleive they went on the cheap with this.

A BIG + 1

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Post by Gravis » Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:57 am

+1 definately
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Post by elemental » Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:42 pm

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Post by hoffman2k » Wed Feb 06, 2008 5:50 pm

The Producer wrote:Cant beleive they went on the cheap with this.
They didn't. Elastique Pro was released shortly after Live 6. Ableton was one of the first companies to have the algorithm it still has.

The fact that it wasn't included in Live 7 is probably a good thing. It could mean they're still working on other applications for the algorithm, such as including it into Sampler or Transient Detection for the slicer.

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Post by Angstrom » Wed Feb 06, 2008 7:03 pm

it wasn't around for version 5 and 6 (as I said earlier). And there either wasn't time for it in the L7 schedule ... or they had a fight with the Zplane guys (unlikely), or they have other ideas about stretching altogether.

If they incorporate 'pro', they will have access to the monophonic mode with formant tweaking, I guess there would be internal discussion on how to handle that. Also, where else the technology can be employed as H2k said. This is normally called a Use-Case analysis. You figure out what else can we do with this. Fuck shit up? I hope so !

Well, it's good that a lot of users seem interested in it. Perhaps it will provoke some sort of stretchy response from Ableton. Oh, and I promise that I am not on a retainer from Elastique, although if they want to pay me some cash for the marketing effort then I will gladly take it ;)

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Post by Nod » Sat Feb 09, 2008 6:43 pm

I guess we'll just have to nail this to the top of the FR forum whilst we're waiting for the official statement on implementation in 7.03....:wink:

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Post by jimbo9999 » Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:57 pm

Kind of :oops: it's not there already


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Post by chevthewizard » Fri Feb 15, 2008 1:51 am

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Pro Time Warping Algorithm

Post by ambiguoustwitch » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:03 pm

live 7 is out and i'm not sure if it's included, but +1 for version 8 just in case

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Post by asha.dan » Sat Mar 01, 2008 2:10 pm

+ 1 all the way

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