instant 2/4/8 bar looping (independently from quantisize)

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instant 2/4/8 bar looping (independently from quantisize)

Post by mr.ergonomics » Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:02 am


I think instant 1/16; 1/2; 1;2;4;8... bar looping independently from the global quantisize setting would be a very very useful feature - especially for djs and live remixes.

Actually, this is the only feature I'm really missing from NI traktor or a good dj cd-player. I think NI traktor is really good at this looping thing.

This is the way you could instant loop now:

1. Map a key to "position SET" and "length SET" (loop settings)

2. Push the key and then you get an instant loop equal to your global quantisize setting.


You have to change the global quantisize setting to get your desired loop length, which is obviously not unproblematic at a live situation. :-)

Needless to say that you could manually set the loop start/end with the "position SET" (start) and "length SET" (end) and this is a great in situations where you don't know how many bars you want to loop , but if you know you want a 4 bar loop it's cumbersome to wait 4 bars until you can hit "length SET" to end your loop.


It would be great if you could scale down (etc.) you loop length for stutter effects and stuff like this. You could do some stuff like this with the beat repeater, but the problem is that your audio track still play forward and therefore you often get into trouble when you return form the beat repeater to the track.

Loop behaviour:

When I change the length of a loop while the track is playing, it jumps. potentially problematic for dj use, so it would be useful if this behaviour could be changed.

1. set a 1 bar loop
2. change the loop length to 8
3. you will see what i mean ;-)

Quick draft:

I have done a quick draft (not really well thought out ) for better understanding what I mean.


PS: this are only some quick ideas, please feel free to add some or change them!

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