1.1 DEMO fab! - 4 things still needed so far as I see.

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1.1 DEMO fab! - 4 things still needed so far as I see.

Post by Ybarrymore » Fri Jan 11, 2002 3:03 am

I may have missed something. No.1 here (below) MAY be possible. I WOULD BUY THIS PROGRAM AS SOON AS I HAVE THE MONEY. "BUY!this program eVeryone, you KNOW you want to!" Should be a bit cheaper I think, a wee bit! I will look for a deal on the web.

1) when live input is set I would like to LOCK the
track as it is easy to double click the recording SLOT BUTTON part and have it take over the track. THIS may be possible I will investigate further.

2) As my solution, and as an additional comment to No.01 above. WHEN I record a BIT into a SLOT BOTTON from the LIVE IN track playing through, well, What I do is AS it is STILL recording (AND I can hear the LIVE IN track playing obvoiusly) I DRAG the recorded part SLOT BUTTON to another TRACK and that overcomes the possibility of double clicking by mistake and KILLING the LIVE IN track and making the new LOOP OVERTAKE the whole playback.


3) THE MUST be a way to set the newly recorded sample up to NOT LOOP AND NOT TRIGGER...the ideal setting for me Is ..GATE and NO LOOP.... CAN THIS be done? the default of trigger and loop is a hassle!

4) It would appear that LIVE 1.1 is one of those NOT QUITE ASIO BRILLIANT YET programs. I can only get my RME Hammerfall to REALLY work in the wireup I need to have (see further) by useing MME/DX which is poopoo for most things especially keeping LIVE IN mode without glitches when recording parts on the fly.

I'm NOT saying it's not a wee bit of RME driver weirdness. BUT I have seen this before with other programs and it's improved with updates.

With my sound source MP3 player using coaxial digital out of SW1000 going DIRECTLY INTO coaxial in on full hammerfall (it has 3 optical 8 channel inputs and on coax pair as channels 25-26 in ASIO list-confusing/logic and correct)....

Anyways, a million attempts at different ideas and Nada, no luck. As I said I'm no stranger to this one. HOWEVER the clue here is that the RME ASIO driver control panel WAS saving SPdif sync AND SPdif in. NOT ADAT in, which is USUALLY the symptom of the problem. ADAT mean 8 channel optical mode and NO SPdif coaxial.

ANYWAYS... I have a dig96 2 track coaxial RME card and in the same config it breaks up a lot.

I know I know.. I could probably get it working..
Remember I am going FROM the SW1000 coax OUT (has no coax in-but the new win2k driver seem great)

STRAIGHT into the single coax in of the RME hammerfall.

I need the fastest most powerful ASIO device as no-one wants a glitch... LIVE


hey, I'm gonna try the Digi96 coax out into the Hammerfall in now... May have done so... but hey,, I don't want to be a genius!!!!

best to ALL....



Can't buy till I have cash at end of month AND I get the last prob. sorted!!!!

Does that make sense???

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