pattrstorage slots and M4Ldevices?

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pattrstorage slots and M4Ldevices?

Post by steff3 » Sun Nov 29, 2009 3:30 pm


I only used the pattrstorage a few times in Max and now am looking into saving some recallable basic settings in a M4L device with pattrstorage.
It works nicely to save the current state of some non live.-controls. But it seems I need to save the slots into an extra file. Any thoughts on that?

I have also seen that in St.cascade Stefan is using a preset object and that this seems to be the storage for the pattrstorage slots ... (well, this would not be very pratical for me I think as I do not want to save the states of all controls in the pattr-slot - so I would need to do sup-patchers or something ... no ... :) )
I also thought of using a coll as an internal storage for the slots .....

Any thoughts?



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