Control monome via other device for 'paging' or 'autofocus'?

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Re: Control monome via other device for 'paging' or 'autofocus'?

Post by stax67 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 7:38 am

Hi Johbremat,

Sorry I must have missed that one on the monome site.

Yeah you can control the page switching with an external device. Stretta made the autofocus built into his devices and it has become one of the standards for page swithing on the monome with M4L. You can set the focus per track or per device, so for whatyou want to do set them to track focus, then when you press the button on your mixer and select the track in ableton, the device on that track displays on the monome. I tend to use my laptop keyboard and key mappings to do the same.

Hope that helps,


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Re: Control monome via other device for 'paging' or 'autofocus'?

Post by stax67 » Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:54 am

A friend emailed me this:-

"The faderfox track selection does not switch monome apps as far as I can

I don't think the Mackie control emulation (which I think those Vestax's
use) sends the same message as manually mapped track headings."

I will check this out this afternoon when I get in from work.

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Re: Appreciating the feedback.

Post by hoffman2k » Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:15 am

Johbremat wrote:Cheers, stax, and apologies for asking this questions rather than trying to test it myself: I don't own a monome or M4L yet and am trying to determine if it will fit into my workflow.

If I can get clarification on a statement in your first post: are you suggesting that if I 'can set the focus per track or per device', the option to set to track focus is only while using apps from Stretta were the functionality has been built-in, or is there a utility patch/option in Live where I can specify this behaviour?

Do you have much experience with M4L, versus the Stretta Suite or patches? At this point in time I'm looking at using Live and its instruments in their purest form - with the only patches being considered at the moment being utilities - and I'm chasing autofocus on tracks and devices rather than third-party instruments.

As such, I'm wondering if M4L has any obvious properties in the LOM to help me achieve what I'm after, unless of course there is already a utility built expressly for this purpose.

Scenarios I'd like to see through (though nopt limited to) include:

- select a track and scroll down to an empty clip; if the clip is set to play I can paint notes in using the monome
- select a group track and fire clips contained within that group (including the parent)
The API allows you to select tracks, clip slots, scenes, views and devices that aren't in Racks. Its the selected_track property of live_set view. ... model.html

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Re: Control monome via other device for 'paging' or 'autofocus'?

Post by Gravis » Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:00 pm

Essentially you want to change what's shown on the monome given a set of criteria (which track is selected, does the track have a clip thats playing etc)

The answer is yes, with Max4Live you can do this, but just prepare yourself, this isn't going to be a case of pull it out of the box and it'll all just click together straight off, you'll find some really frustrating things with Max4Live.

I have a Monome 256 and do things simliar to what you want.
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