Made a simple arpeggiator.

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Made a simple arpeggiator.

Post by Martyn » Thu Oct 07, 2010 9:45 pm

I just hacked this thing together from some bits I found on the net, I'm intending to expand on it once I can figure out what I want to add (customizable play order for instance), but as I've found myself using it quite a bit I thought I'd share it as it is. I've been using it with Collision a fair bit and getting some sweet results, it seems more inspiring to play than the stock Ableton Arp when set to 'play order', not sure why.


I couldn't find any info on how to make a traditional arpeggiator in Max but found a few forum entries with some simple examples, so I pasted stuff around and hacked it about until I got this working. I can't find the links again atm but will post them if I stumble on them again.

I must admit I really don't understand how it works yet as i still haven't got anywhere with Max beyond hacking around blindly, I intend to concentrate on it a bit more over the winter. I wish somebody would write some project based tutorials in book form, I'd pay good money for it. The supposedly fantastic help files still don't speak to me at all, I have no idea how I could possibly have made this arp from reading them.

Anyway, I intend to expand on this thing but if anyone feels like taking this and turning it into something better please feel free.

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Re: Made a simple arpeggiator.

Post by toscanini » Sun Oct 10, 2010 1:15 pm

Cool:) I enjoy using and studying it;)


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