Plz need help making a midi to dmx patch : ( )

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Re: Plz need help making a midi to dmx patch : ( )

Post by zalo » Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:25 am

poof wrote:if every light only had one channel and i wanted to compose entirely on one track. then all i'd have to do is spend 15 minutes trying to figure out what c note i was on and what channel that corresponded to and what light that was for and what function it served.
midi racks can change the note names, aka make a midi rack create a chain, change its key range to only one note and rename the chain, then right click on the chain and select "show names in midi editor", open a midi clip and click fold you will now only see the name of the chain, this can be done to label all of the different notes to the different lights and functions.
poof wrote:wow, way to be a dick, as if you have any idea how much time ive actually invested in this. Ive sat through every tutorial max has and found all 3 pages that exist for midi that actually bother to explain anything of value. hell it took me a week to figure out ableton sends noteoff velocity at the exact same time as its noteon. yeah, must be my fault some asshole engineer with no clue of what the effect of his shitty myopic design choices might have on the world just wasted a week of my time trying to unravel his shit, same reason it was everyones fault some asshole engineer thought it would be a good idea to save a few bytes by using a two digit year representation and sent the whole world into a panic.

so i tried your patch and it didnt do anything, but why would it, obviously the issue is that effects only affect tracks and not notes, and given the only way to control lighting is on a note by note basis, that pretty much leaves lighting designers with some overpriced underdesigned hardware solutions, or a program that doesnt allow fades or moves.
i just tested it myself and i dont understand what you mean by "ableton sends noteoff velocity at the exact same time as its noteon." i get separate midi noteon (144) and noteoff (128) messages. outside of sysex, nrpn and rpn, ableton follows midi standards pretty well.

i didnt give you a fully functioning patch i gave you a piece to put into your patch that controls fade to blacks for a single light, showing that there are ways to do what you want, just think outside of the box a little.

with midi channels you have 2048 separate notes, with velocities that is 260,096 different actions based just on channel, pitch and velocity. yes, your environment for light design might not be as straight forward as some programs but it will do exactly what you program it to do

again, i was not trying to attack you or be a dick, i started at the same place you started, not knowing anything about midi or max, but i read all the forums, websites and tutorials i could get my hands on. the answers are out there

i dont think the people that suggested the velocity effect understand what you are actually trying to do, i dont have your set up so i cant test to see if things work, but if you save your live set as a live pack i would be more than happy to look at it and try and see where you are running into your problems. from your explanation i dont understand how abletons design (which seems straight forward and logical to me) is flawed. again, please save your set as a live pack and send it to me or host it some where


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