M4L parameters not available for clip envelopes?

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M4L parameters not available for clip envelopes?

Post by dhk » Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:42 am

Hello folks,

M4L devices seems generally not available for clip automation. They don't appear in the device list, even though they are in the track effects chain, and have parameters.

I originally intended to ask how to make M4L parameters available for envelopes (in general), but then I realized the parameters show up just fine for track automation. Then I tested just one random ready-made M4L device, the "chorus x2". It showed up in the clip envelope device list, but had only one parameter available, namely "x-over". This seems very random. I had a look at the Max patch, and I could see no diffeence in the properties settings between the knobs "x-over" and "dry/wet".

Is this a bug? I hope not, because I don't have time to wait for the next release, and this will make my work a lot harder to do. Or, is there something I'm not aware of, a setting that I need to set?

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Re: M4L parameters not available for clip envelopes?

Post by amounra93 » Sat Sep 03, 2011 2:47 am

There are settings for each [live.*whatever] or [pattr] (if the pattr is parameter enabled) which allow the parameter to be included in automation. Look at the 'Parameter' in 'Information' for of one of these objects, you'll see 'Modulation Mode'. Make sure this is set to something other than 'None'.
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