Simple Griid-like Touchscreen Monitor Patch

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Simple Griid-like Touchscreen Monitor Patch

Post by K8. » Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:56 am

Hi everybody,

I hope that you can give an hand with this! I have a 23" inch touchscreen monitor, now working on mac os using touch base drivers, but I can't find a solution to a very (simple?) problem: I bought it specifically for use in live situations with ableton live, together with some physical midi controllers, so i need it JUST TO TRIGGER THE CLIPS.

All i want is a bunch of clips over 16 tracks (i play my own stuff live, so i use stems of drums, bass, etc... to be able to "remix" things live) and the scene launchers on the right, nothing else. But the clip triggers are too small even on a 23"!!! totally unreliable for a live performance...

i just need a patch (yes, i've investigated about max for live - which i own - , usine , etc...) that will let me do that without getting into super-geeky stuff: big clips triggers, name of each clip reflected on each trigger, scene launchers. That's it.

I'd really like to stay on mac os for various reasons, but if i have to use usine on windows or WHATEVER i'll do it, any help is really appreciated. I'm up for buying usine pro or even paying anyone who can provide such a patch (possibly for max for live) that will let me do this without struggling :)

Thanks so much

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Re: Simple Griid-like Touchscreen Monitor Patch

Post by darth_fader » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:11 am

Why don't you simply crank up the zoom factor in the properties dialog up to 200%? That's even on a 24" monitor pretty easy to touch.

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Re: Simple Griid-like Touchscreen Monitor Patch

Post by K8. » Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:30 am


thanks for the reply. I actually managed to try the weirdest things and not that!!! this makes me feel a bit silly, eheh...

This could actually do the trick, i'll try and let you know, but still i think that something looking more like this would be way better in a live situation. It could sound perfectionist, but having a larger "hit" area and the name of the clip clearly displayed (in 200% resolution and 16 tracks you get about 3-4 letters) would be much better!

any other ideas?

Thanks again :)

ring (Simon Slowik)
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Re: Simple Griid-like Touchscreen Monitor Patch

Post by ring (Simon Slowik) » Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:34 am

From the M4L-API it should be very easy to implement an own User Interface.
You can observe which slipslots contain a clip, you can get their names and start/stop playing...

But: I agree with darth_fader. I've been always curious about touchscreens, because till now you always had 1 device that gives you feedback and another device that controlls the DAW. I think it's much more intuitive to controll directly what you see. Having that M4L-Interface inbetween is a step backwards in my opinion.

And keep in mind, that M4L is a low priority thread, so if anything cpu-hungry happens in ableton, you interface will be delayed...


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