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Automation: getting the value of two identical breakpoints

Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 3:07 am
by arock*
I've got a M4L device that triggers an effect whenever I set its parameter value. The parameter is set through a live.number object. When I automate the parameter, the device only triggers when the parameter value changes - in other words if I draw two automation points next to each other and they are at the same value, the M4L device only receives the parameter value at the first breakpoint.

I'm guessing the Live simply doesn't pass data at every automation point -- it only passes data when the automation point contains a value different from the last point. Of course that makes total sense in Live, but for my M4L device it's a problem. I checked this by printing the values of the live.number object as they receive the automation data, and like I thought, only when the values are different do they get passed to live.number. I can add points at the value 0.5, for example, as many times in a row as I want, but that live.number object is only going to receive 0.5 the first time and then it's silent.

Anyone know if there's a way to change this? I set the ThinningAggressiveness value in options.txt to 0, which was a long shot, but that (not surprisingly) failed to make a difference.

Thanks for your time.