MaxForLive OSC tools

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Hielo Patagonia Sounds
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MaxForLive OSC tools

Post by Hielo Patagonia Sounds » Thu Mar 29, 2012 5:36 pm


I've customized one of the API MaxForLive patch to control Ableton Live parameters with Open Sound Control protocol (OSC). I use them with the Lemur iApp for iPad, but I’ve tried to make them none-criptic and easy to use with other OSC compatible hardwares and softwares. With OSC protocol, you will get much better resolution than MIDI controllers, and network connectivity.

More informations and MaxForLive patches here : ... osc-tools/

Feel free to use, comment and make music with OSC !


Hédi K.

PS : is it a known bug ? You can not remote control the Crossfader with MaxForLive ?

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