controling clip start/length

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controling clip start/length

Post by peeddrroo » Mon Jun 18, 2012 3:27 pm

hi there

i don't own m4l (yet), but i might now have a reason for this: i'd like to have a way to control the clip's start position and length.

if any of you are familiar with Numerology, i'd like to mimick the feature that's available on the Launchpad, and that enables you to set a pattern to play say from beat 1/16 to 16/16, or change it for instance from 3/16 to 7/16, or from 10/16 to 11/16... well you get it...

the way it works in Numerology, is that it uses the two first rows of buttons on the Launchpad, each button is a 1/16th, so if you press and hold the 1st and 16th button, you have your 16 steps playing, and if you press the 3rd and 7th buttons, the pattern plays from beat 3/16 to 7/16 and so on...

is there a m4l sequencer that could achieve that, or would it be possible to do it within Live clips? not necessarily with a Launchpad. it could be a keyboard. i just want to be able to play a clip and then portions of a clip.
thanks for your help

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Re: controling clip start/length

Post by S4racen » Mon Jun 18, 2012 4:49 pm

The chucker object slices the last xxx amount of audio into up to 64 slices which can then be played back / repeated in any order...

The buffer shuffler does this but needs a lot of work to map it to the Launchpad....

I've created an effect which does something similar to your request although it works on a momentary basis....

A bar or two (your choice) of audio is buffered and you can then choose to retrigger the audio from any one of 8 start points, and choose 6 different lengths of audio like a beat repeat grid effect that can be triggered from any point of the last part of audio enabling youto stutter the snare the kick or the hat etc.

If you truly want what numerolgy is doing, you'd need to simply look at the clip start and end points and modify these using the launchpad... It would be relatively easy....


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