Dynamic / density control. A musical approach...

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Dynamic / density control. A musical approach...

Post by Adesso » Sat Oct 20, 2012 12:43 pm

... to be applied to pre-existing note patterns.

So happy, it works!!! I have been always wondering if there is a simple algorithmic way to control musical parameters on pre-existing note patterns. Then during my work on the Euclidean Rhythm Generator I had the idea to try the Euclidean approach to control 'density'. As it works very well on constructing patterns why shouldn't it be suitable also for the opposite - thinning out complex patterns. So I worked out an algorithm which can be applied to existing patterns and integrated it in my Euclidean Rhythm Generator. A real-time control via MIDI has been implemented in combination with a dedicated parameter set.


Videoclip and Download: http://www.ad-esso.com/publish/MAX/ADes ... atches.htm

As a next step it should be experimented on imported MIDI tracks.

Looking forward to receiving some feedback,

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Re: Dynamic / density control. A musical approach...

Post by salatspinatra » Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:36 pm

Very intriguing. Hard to tell what any knob is going to do just by previewing the video, because the output appears to be more hands-off. And what do you mean by thinning out existing patterns? Is each 1-shot a loaded drum pad or sampler/simpler? And by thinning out patterns, are you subtracting from the Euclidean generator's own patterns, or could you thin out a MIDI clip sequence? Fired clips?
In any case, looking forward to giving it a spin!

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