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 Post subject: Polyphonic Melodic Step Sequencer
PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:53 pm 

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Can Push Step Sequence Mono & Polyphonic Melodies In Key?

I have seen that you can step sequence drums using the push controller and that you can play chord and note in key but can you step sequence mono & polyphonic melodies in key? I've seen this with some ipad apps do this so was wondering if push can do it. It'd be a terrible shame if it couldn't really.

Ableton's Response

"At the moment there is only workarounds to use Push in step sequencer mode with other instruments than drumracks.

Still, we are aware of this wish and we are looking into various solutions here.

Keep in mind that Push will also integrate with Max for Live patches, so we are confident it will not take long until our users take Push to the next level!"

Pretty gutted about this. Are there any good monophonic / polyphonic step sequencers in max4live at the moment that are just a simple case of clicking on a plugin and using an apc40 or launchpad? Is anyone developing one for push? Seems like I might have to go hardware and get an Elektron Analog Four

 Post subject: Re: Polyphonic Melodic Step Sequencer
PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:07 pm 

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I've been working on a MonoSequencer APC40 patch, built into the new MonoSequencer patch in L9.
The basics are working pretty good.
Still need to add features, like copy paste per step, initialize per step, as well as work bugs out.
I probably wont share it until L9 is released, maybe I will post it at the L9 beta forum soon for testing and help.

Basically its limited to 32 steps, the top 4 rows of the APC40 matrix.
The Bottom Row and Scene Launch perform other functions.
The is a toggle for Turning Steps on/off.
When you press a button the Device Control Knobs update for that step and can be changed.
Knob 1 Pitch
Knob 2 Duration
Knob 3 Repeat (currently not working?)
Knob 4 CC1
Knob 5 Octave
Knob 6 Velocity
Knob 7 CC2
Knob 8 CC3

2 of the scene launch buttons 'when pressed' set the loop in and out points.

So far it's got a super fast workflow, which is what I wanted.
Works great with plugs and external synths.
I still need to figure out how to deal with aspects of midi input and output.
The idea is that you could make a sequence then record that into a clip easily.
However no midi passes 'through' the device yet. So you cant record automation to external gear while the device is active.

I'm close though.

In regards to Ableton's response, I agree that it will be a short matter of time after L9 release that you see all kinds of new devices in M4L.
Devices that emulate Push functions on older controllers.
It's gonna be awesome.


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