2 questions midi device and controller

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2 questions midi device and controller

Post by e-smile-z » Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:43 pm

hi, noobie here!!!…
i m building an max for live effect device to control my studio electronics se1 x(As soon as I mready I m gonna share this device_)…well so far so good
I `ve made the Envelope section the osc mix section and it works out good.
On the Studio electronics SE1X you can turn the Waveforms On and Off with an illumineted Button.
the on & off function works via Midi CC number 55 how can I transfer this function into my device ?

and the second question is. i m planning on doing a control device map for the use of the mpc ren as an controller for ableton. i think the mpc ren could be a fantastic controller for ableton. so i m looking for some tutorial that helps me to do this...any suggestions ? or informative posts ?
thanks !!

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