Any devices to set Push's "Accent" value?

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Any devices to set Push's "Accent" value?

Post by Asymmetricalmusic » Tue Feb 03, 2015 4:10 am

This would be for while in a drum rack on Push using the sequencer

I'd like Push's Accent value to be any value you choose rather than being set to 127....

Anyone make a device like this yet?

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Re: Any devices to set Push's "Accent" value?

Post by willdahbe » Tue Feb 10, 2015 12:22 am

While I don't own Max For Live, I believe this should be a standard feature built into Push for both Instrument and Drumracks. Holding down the "Accent" button the LCD could display user definable parameters to set min, normal, and max values. I've asked for this feature when Push was first released and got blown off. :x Anyways, maybe not three different values, a simple normal and max setting would suffice.

To further add, it would be great to have a flam functionality on Push as well. Maybe something like pressing then letting go of "Repeat" and "Accent" at the same time to enter 'Flam Mode'? Pressing them both again would exit 'Flam Mode'. If both are held the display could give you options of flam speed, length i.e. how many flams to repeat, and a setting for flam velocity decay/increase amount that can surpass the threshold set by min and max "Accent" velocities.

I'm getting a little carried away here with this, but while in step sequence mode I believe it would be beneficial for flammed notes to be indicated by the corresponding flams to be orange or something other than blue.

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