Using DevicePreseter for multiple devices

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Using DevicePreseter for multiple devices

Post by ChironControl » Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:33 pm

For multichannel output I often have e.g. 12 of the same devices (Analog or Operator) in one drumrack. The devices are routed to different outputs and/or panorama settings.

Working on the sound becomes painful when I have to change one setting in all 12 devices manually. I try to use the rack macros as good as possible.

Do I have to take care of anything if I use the existing "Max Api DevicePreseter" and make it able to do the following:
1) Store one preset with the settings from one device
2) send this preset with all settings to all the other 11 devices by one click (of course the devices are the same, e.g. all are operators)
(or put this two steps into one click...)

Combining all devices completely seems to me very cpu intensive, or am I wrong? This would be the most comfortable: I am changing one setting in the "master" device. Simultaneasly all other devices are changed in the same way. A delay would be ok here.

Oh, and I forgot: Is it difficult to filter certain settings and prevent parts to being changed? It seems that there is a long list for the device state.

And another question: Is there any way to map one drumrack macro to 12 devices with one mapping action? (At least the mapping stays when I copy a device in a rack) Is it possible to access Abletons mapping system in a rack from max?

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