Controlling Midi CC Levels

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Controlling Midi CC Levels

Post by grpetz » Fri Sep 02, 2016 1:27 pm

I'm using a volume foot controller with my orchestral instruments to control the velocity cross fades within Vienna Instruments.

I need to make the midi output of the foot controller midi CC a little less responsive and slower to help with smoother dynamic playing. I have two foot controllers to experiment with and both are just too sensitive in my case.

I've inserted the Max Api CtrlMIDIcc device on my Vienna Instrument track in attempt to smooth out the drastic changes my foot volume controller is producing. I have my foot controller assigned to midi CC 9. But I've not been able to make the Max Api device work for me? I've assigned the input of the Max Api device to CC9 and adjusted the compression, smoothness, etc.,. but not getting a result or any changes at all.

Is the Max Api CtrlMIDIcc not for this purpose?

If the Max Api CtrlMIDIcc is for this purpose can someone point me to a tutorial for it so I can smooth out my volume foot controller to use in live play for orchestral pieces?

Thank you! :D


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