M4L visibility off does not work

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M4L visibility off does not work

Post by wonderabout » Sun Oct 23, 2016 6:33 pm

I try to display more content in the M4L 164 pixel height window than can be fittet in.

So my solution was to switch the visibility off/on of items which are not/needed at the current time.

In Max7 it works fine, but does show no reaction in M4L. All version (Ableton Studio/Max7/Max4Live are updated.

Try yourself: you can switch any object in Max Presentation mode(!) on or off by sending "presentation 1"
or "presentation 0" to its inport. But does not work in MAX4LIVE

If it is not supported, any solution to use tabbed pages, or move GUI objects automatically
out or into the visible field? Or is it possible to write a plugin with Max to have the full Interface size, as with normal plugins?

Thank you

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Re: M4L visibility off does not work

Post by S4racen » Mon Oct 24, 2016 6:33 am

You are restricted to the field height of the Device Window...

Otherwise build your UI in a floating window and use it that way...


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Re: M4L visibility off does not work

Post by ShelLuser » Tue Oct 25, 2016 5:10 am

There is another option: using different patches and then load them into a bpatcher whenever you need a different interface.

This does take some setting up of course. You need to name your bpatcher so that you can control it (scripting name; use the inspector) and then use a 'thispatcher' object to control it. Here you can see what I mean:


Here the bpatcher (window with the Reason logo and the rotaries in it) is called 'controlpad'. And its controlled by the thispatcher object which gets a command sent into it: "replace $1", where $1 is replaced with the name of the patch I want to load. Right now it has 'combinator.maxpat' loaded, this is used to control the Combinator device in Reason. But I can also load 'thor.maxpat', 'malstrom.maxpat', etc. which changes the interface and allows me to control a different Reason device.

Also see here:


This one is a beta, which doesn't have the rest of the devices just yet. But I hope you get the idea behind it.

Hope this helps!
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