RokVid video file formats and clip length?

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RokVid video file formats and clip length?

Post by kelanimal » Sun May 28, 2017 8:05 pm


Just acquired RokVid and am having a difficult time getting it to launch or playback a lot of my video files. To my understanding, RokVid only supports .mov / .avi files? However, even after converting .mp4's I have to .mov or .avi, compiling them into a folder and loading them into RokVid, the majority of them still fail to playback in RokVid. I'm wondering if there is a limitation on how large or long the videos can be? Any insights into this would be much appreciated! - Also, is there a way to designate the video output of RokVid? I'm just not sure how one can select the output source of where the video is being sent to. (i.e.: a projector or secondary display)


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Re: RokVid video file formats and clip length?

Post by Hyperconfidence » Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:51 am

no answers here, but similar questions.

Am tentatively looking at first live performance, so bought RokVid.

On PC/Windows 10 with Live10. This thing looks like it's primarily for Mac, and Windows is an afterthought.

File type is painful. Have bought a file change program to convert to .avi but file size advice needed. Still won't play. Only thing that works is Still Frame jpeg so far. Not very interesting to watch.........

Please steer me towards a monkeys guide to video file conversion for use in RokVid.

Advice from Adam himself appreciated.


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