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Creative Extensions > Trial Experience & Melodic Steps Rec

Post by Byxx » Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:44 am


regarding note generators in MAX for Live. I am testing the melodic steps device in a Trial Version (LIVE 10) at the moment.

MIDI Recording:
How does LIVE allow to record these results in MIDI into the timeline and/or clips?
What is your workaround in connecting data of the implementation of MAX in LIVE?
It might be useful to record MAXs MIDI sometimes for my work.

Audio wise:
I (exported) "rendered" out a track, the MAX devices audio is not recognized here. At least the melodic steps instances don´t play anymore after the rendering process.
I could imagine that composers besides MIDI also could use MAXs Audio Results exporting audio stems to Pro Tools for the film business etc.

Here is an incorrect rendered result with a melodic steps triggered HH track.

In the original project you hear a steady 16th HH according to this setting

(which does not play after rendering any more)

I created a customized version of the melodic steps which runs parallel in the project and is saved as individual devices. The original melodic steps instance this way is untouched. So in my project I let run the original melodic steps and the customized ones. All melodic steps devices are located in the Music->Ableton->User Library->MAX Midi Effect Folder.
I find them when I right click in Abletons Device Pane.

The loading time of the test project is pretty long. I have 5 melodic steps instances. Is this a problem?

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Re: Creative Extensions > Trial Experience & Melodic Steps Rec

Post by [jur] » Wed Aug 22, 2018 12:11 pm

When using such devices (the same applies to e.g Arpeggiator) you need to record the midi output to an other midi track. Think about Live's track signal chain and you'll get why it makes perfect sense.

As for the rendering issue, that doesn't right. If there's indeed a render problem then it's a bug. I'll try that later.
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