issues with ableton live 8 max 5 and maxforlive

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issues with ableton live 8 max 5 and maxforlive

Post by tiago_vla » Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:01 am

- i first tried ableton live in version 4 (2004-2006)
- i first tried maxmsp in version 4 (2004-2006)
- i own ableton live 8 since 2009 or 2010
- I own max 5 since 2007 or 2008
- i own maxforlive since 2010
- currently i am using macOS 10.13
- the system runs fine (i am using a modified mbp a1278 mid 2011)
- ableton seems to work fine
- ableton cannot handle max 5 (legacy maintainance issues, which may be probably never fixed)
- bearing this in mind i should upgrade to max 8 and ableton 10 whenever max 8 is out
- thing is i am not making any money ATM, so i cannot handle the investment
- while i cannot upgrade to max 8 and ableton 10, i would like to know how can i:
- use max 5 to edit my maxforlive devices
- saving the devices with the standalone max version
- open them in ableton 8 using legacy max 6

that's all for now cheers

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Re: issues with ableton live 8 max 5 and maxforlive

Post by hoffman2k » Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:08 pm

You're using the latest OSX with software that existed about a decade earlier. Neither Live 8 nor Max 5 will ever be optimised to run on High Sierra. The biggest reason being that both applications moved away from 32-bit. A lot of the externals you have in Max 5 will likely be 32-bit.
Running 32-bit Live/Max with a sprinkle of 64-bit objects in a 64-bit OS, thats just too much to handle.
So the answer to your question is to move back to an older version of OSX and only use software/plugin versions that didn't get OS related updates beyond what you're using.

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